Soaring Heights All-Star Teams 

2017-2018 Soaring Heights Clinics and Team Placement Dates!!!!!


May 1st -11th 

2017-2018 TRYOUT DATES:

Friday May12th -ages 5-11

Saturday May13th- age11+


Team Announcements: 

You will receive a email by May 17 it will be imperative this year that you have a good, working, frequently checked email. please be careful when filling out your paperwork. 

MAY 18th--- There will be a parent and financial meeting at 5:30pm @ the gym. It is imperative that every child have a representative in attendance.  

Team assignments are not negotiable. We will review our strategy and training plans in the parent meetings. Every athlete is being assigned a team based on their overall skills, and the needs of the team. We are building teams to be strong competitors and allow athletes to safely perfect their current skills and develop new ones. Team assignments may not be permanent. We will be reviewing the athletes and the teams during the month of June. If any athletes need to move we will evaluate and make a decision by July 1st, 2017. This will also allow time to see where the teams may have additional needs. We want the best for every athlete and for our teams. We will provide consistent feedback on athlete‚Äôs progress. 

Level 1 

 Ruby Halos--Rubies

Practice Schedule: Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm, Thursday 6-8pm

Kathryn Bingham

Kelsey Bingham

Alyssa Bingham

Aspen Burton

Maddie Caldwell

Emma Farris

Chrissy Hedge

Jenna Moore

Ellie Titlow

Gretchen Titlow

Brooklyn Walker

Sammie Hedge

Level 2/3 Pending Skills 

Babes in Blue

Practice Schedule: Monday 5-7pm, Tuesday 7-9pm

Katelyn Bruce

Emmi Caldwell

Brooklyn Deans

Ellie Dole

Brianna Fuller

Loryn Good

Ella Hammontree

Blakelee Hodnett

Ryan Margret Kenney

Brenna Martin

Aciana Sander

Britton Shumaker

Harley Titlow

Alternate: Maddie Caldwell

Level 4 

Orange Crush

Practice Schedule: Monday 7-9pm, Wednesday 7-9pm

Kloe Castle

Cearra Coppock

Mikala Farrell

Emma James

Alex Russell

Mallory Sikes

Ella Van Dyke

Sydney Stamey
Carley Crigger- pending running skills 

Kaitlin Rimmer- pending standing skills 

Level 3/4 Pending Skills---- will have different practice schedule until skills achieved!!!

Practice Schedule- Wednesday 7-9pm, Thursday 6-8pm

Loryn Crocker

Mak Beetes

Loryn Good

Alyssa Farrell

Ashlyn Hunter

Meg Kiser

Meredith Kiser

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